Spiti Diaries-Komic,Hikkim and Langza


I was quite excited about my first touristy outing in Spiti Valley to Komic, Hikkim and Langza. After a filling breakfast at the hotel, I set out for our planned itinerary for the day arranged by my tour operator. They had allotted a cab with a local driver and we were put in groups of four in each cab. Our first point of call was Komic Village located 4590 meters above sea level in Spiti Valley.

Komic is famously known as the ‘world’s highest village connected by a motorable road’. Interesting terminology.I am sure that there are villages at much higher altitudes in other parts of the world, but maybe not one connected by a ‘motorable road’,and even if they are, it is an interesting description to bring tourists to Komic and increase overall tourism in the valley.

As we got down from our cars at Komic, a local signage informed us that the village had a total population of just 114 humans. I counted the number of houses and found them to be around 20. The village is also home to the lesser known Tangyud Monastery, also known as Komic monastery that houses around 50 monks who stay there round the year. The monastery has a large courtyard, quarters for monks and a prayer hall. Like most monasteries in the valley, the prayer hall had a serene air and it was a soothing experience spending a few minutes in quietness there. Unlike other places, they allowed us to click pictures of the main prayer hall which was beautifully decorated with traditional décor items.

Komic is a quiet village and there is not much to do except enjoying the views that it offers and taking a walk around the place. I spent around 2 hours at Komic, sipping tea and enjoying the serene environment.


Road to Komik Village Spiti
Enroute to Komic Village, Spiti Valley
A sign-board at Komic Village, Spiti Valley
Road to Komik Village Spiti
Enroute Komic Village, Spiti Valley
Komic Monastery, Spiti Valley
Komic Monastery
Inside Komic Monastery
Inside Komic Monastery
Prayer Hall Komic Monastery
Prayer Hall at Komic Monastery
Komic Village
View of Komic Village from Komic Monastery


From Komic, we drove to Hikkim, another remote Himalayan village located 3 kilometres awayLike Komic, Hikkim too is a small settlement with a very small population. Hikkim’s claim to fame is the presence of a government post office, which happens to be the highest post office in the world. Most tourists visit Hikkim to pay a visit to the post office and wonder at the functioning of this remote post office. The post office sells some interesting picture postcards which most tourists pick up as souvenirs from their trip. Some also write a message and post it to their near and dear ones from here.

World's Highest Post Office at Hilkkim Village, Spiti Valley
World’s Highest Post Office at Hilkkim Village, Spiti Valley
Cafe in Hikkim Village, Spiti Valley
A cafe in Hikkim
A house in Hikkim Village, Spiti Valley
A house in Hikkim Village, Spiti Valley


Langza was our last destination for the day. Our tour organizers had planned a traditional lunch in a local Spiti household in Langza and it was a really delightful experience. The simple food served by the local family with warmth tasted amazingly good and most of us who travelled in the group thanked our hosts for such a simple yet sumptuous meal. After a quick lunch, some of us left for a short trek to a fossil stream located nearby. Langza is home to a pre-historic dried up stream that contains several fossils of sea creatures. To understand the presence of fossils of sea creatures, high up in the Himalayas, please read the history of the formation of Himalayas.

After spending close to 2 hours in Langza we left for our hotel in Kaza. The second day of our sight-seeing trip winded up early and most of us explored the local Kaza market in the evening. It was a day well spent and I looked forward to the next day.

If you are planning a trip to Spiti Valley, then Komic, Hikkim and Langza should definitely be a part of your itinerary

Road to Langza Village, Spiti Valley
Road to Langza Village


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