Khem Bharti Homestay, Banjar, Tirthan Valley

Khem Bharti Guest House

There are very few individuals in the hospitality industry who command an individual popularity and respect far more than the brands they represent. Mr Khem Bharti, owner of Hotel Trout Valley in Banjar, Tirthan Valley is one of them. His homestay named Hotel Trout Valley is more popularly known as Khem Bharti Homestay rather than the name it represents. And, it does not require much time to realize why, once you have spent a few days at his abode. The personal care, attention and hospitality offered by him and his wife to each and every guest ensures guests never forget the duo and their small but cosy homestay in this quiet little village, up in the Himalayas.

Khem Bharti Homestay or Hotel Trout Valley is one of the several homestays located in Banjar, Tirthan Valley. The exact location is village Nagni, which falls under the Tehsil of Banjar in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh.

The place has a total of 6 rooms, spread across two floors. The first floor has 4 deluxe rooms and the second floor has 2 super deluxe rooms. The construct and interiors of the rooms at both the types of rooms are similar. The primary difference is the size of the rooms and the bathrooms with the super deluxe ones slightly bigger in size.  Each room had a balcony in-front with spacious seating area that provided scenic views of the Tirthan river flowing below and mountains above.


Khem Bharti Tirthan Rooms
Rooms at Khem Bharti Tirthan
Khem Bharti Tirthan Rooms
Khem Bharti Tirthan Rooms

All rooms have wooden interiors, including the walls and the floor which provide a rustic charm and ambience. The wooden construct also keep the rooms warm. I stayed in one of the deluxe rooms on the first floor along with my family.

Food is basic, home cooked by the lady of the house herself, Mrs Bharti and served hot to guests. Depending on the choice of guests, they provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. If you would like to taste the local trout fish, you need to make a request to her a day in advance. If you like fish, then I strongly recommend you to try the fish fry prepared by Mrs Bharti in her traditional style.

Sitting Area at Khem Bharti Homestay
Sitting Area at Khem Bharti Homestay
Breakfast prepared by the lady of the house
Himalayan Trout prepared in local style

In addition to the rooms and balconies, they also have a backyard garden with plenty of plum and apple trees. Sitting beneath them and enjoying a cup of coffee is a surreal experience. In the evenings, you can also request for a bonfire to be lit here and enjoy a view of the clear sky above.

If you are the indoor types, they also have a dinner room that has been built on the style of café with books, sofas and an oven to keep you warm. You can spend hours reading your favourite author within its environs sipping tea or any other liquid of your choice.

I had a great time at Khem Bharti homestay during my four day stay. I strongly recommend their homestay aka hotel to visitors visiting Tirthan Valley.




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