Far from the crowd at Hotel Peterhoff, Shimla

Hotel Peterhoff Shimla
Hotel Peterhoff Shimla

If you want to stay away from honking cars and noisy tourists during your trip to Shimla, then choose a stay at Hotel Peterhoff. Located at the far end of the famous ridge road, Hotel Peterhoff Shimla is a heritage property with a rich historical past. The property is currently managed by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) and can be booked through its website.

Peterhoff was recommended to me a by a colleague – someone born and raised in Shimla, working in Delhi for a living. He once overheard me complaining about my experiences of my past trips to Shimla. On hearing my experiences, he recommended Peterhoff for a more peaceful sojourn. True to his words, Peterhoff offered me a completely different experience compared to my earlier trips to Shimla.

As mentioned earlier, Peterhoff is a heritage property. It served as the official residence of Head of State during the British rule in India. Since 1863, it has served as the official residence of seven British Viceroys & Governor Generals of India. After India’s independence in 1947, the building housed the Punjab High Court and later served as the official residence of the Governor of Himachal Pradesh!

A massive fire destroyed the building in 1981. Ten years later, the building was restored and converted into a hotel by HPTDC. It has been serving guests since then. Hotel Peterhoff Shimla has 30 plus rooms. Most of the rooms are average. However, three VIP suites offer a completely different experience. They are gigantic in size – literally – with their personal dining and sitting areas.

The VIP suite at Peterhoff Shimla
Exclusive dining area of VIP suite
Inside the VIP suite

The most remarkable feature of the hotel is its location. According to locals, it is a diplomatic area and hence limited traffic is permitted which gives it a quiet and peaceful surrounding. Important government institutions like the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS) and Viceregal Lodge are located next door. The property has a huge lawn in at the front that offers excellent views of the mountains near and far.

If you are travelling with kids, there is a small bird zoo located nearby. I recommend you to visit it for an exciting time with your kid.

Getting a booking at Hotel Peterhoff Shimla is not easy. Rooms are booked much in advance. If you plan to stay at it during your trip then make sure you book it much in advance and make necessary payments.

I strongly recommend this hotel, if you are looking for a tranquil experience during your next trip to Shimla. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.




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