Travel Soliloquies is a travel blog curated and managed by Sandeep Bhattacharjee, an avid blogger and traveler based in Delhi, India. A marketer by profession and a nomad at heart, Sandeep writes exclusively for travel soliloquies sharing experiences of his trips in India and abroad.

Is it a one person blog?
While most of the articles shared in this blog have been written by Sandeep based on his own personal experiences, the blog accepts article submissions from readers. Authors contributing to Travel Soliloquies are given due recognition with their names appearing alongside their articles. Our long-term objective is to democratize this blog and make it an online repository of crowd sourced articles from travelers across the globe.

How do I submit a blog for publishing?
If you wish to contribute an article on this blog, then please write to travelsoliloquies@gmail.com. Your article will be posted after necessary edits. Please supplement your write-up with 5-6 good images. Ensure that images are self-clicked and do not violate any copyright laws